4 Rules for Writing Great Content

handWriting great content is an essential skill in the public relations industry, especially at a time when visual communication is favored. Here are 4 tips to make sure your content is effective:

1. Have a consistent tone of voice and a clear message:

Tone of voice is essential to communicating your brand or company’s message, image and audience. Doing so will decrease the risk for mixed signals, will bring you closer to your target audience and will allow you to work with several content creators without the result sounding flustered. With that said, make sure the content itself is clear and understandable. If a message is fuzzy, it will be more difficult to convey your call to action, which will make it harder to guide your target audience to the next step.

2. Know your target audience:

This is the most important aspect of any public relations strategy, and writing content is no exception. You need content that will address the audience’s problems on a personal level. Likewise, content should offer the audience new insights and provide relevant information about the company and its efforts. If you don’t cater your content to them, you won’t be successful at getting their attention.

3. Use the content in multiple forms:

At a time when people are getting information from various media platforms, companies must adapt their content to be used across the entire spectrum.  Creators must be able to adapt information to whichever platform said information would receive the best results. For example, an event recap could provide you with text for online and print, video for YouTube and pictures for social media.

4. Measure outcome and content quality

The most important measurement to determine is if your content converts into a call to action. Have a quantitative method of measuring this information, and compare the results across your different channels and platforms.

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