A Great Client

We don’t take on just any client. The litmus test is often whether or not we would use them ourselves. So this is a case where we put our money where our mouth is.

We’ve been in our current office location now for two years. We love where we are but we discovered a few months ago that one thing the landlord does not do is clean the windows – insider or out. Well, we wanted clean windows – especially for the spring and summer. So we called on our client – Roth Window Cleaning (www.rothwindow.com).

Not too long ago, two of Chad’s crew came out and cleaned our windows inside and out. Now our windows are so clean, we keep the blinds wide open. And as a result, we got a great view last week of a fox. It came right out from the woods behind our office, hung out in the field next to us for a while and then went back into the woods.

There’s something to be said for clean windows. And if you want windows cleaned professionally, there’s no place better to go than Roth Window Cleaning.

View of a wild fox through out clear and clean windows!
View of a wild fox through our clean and clear windows!






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