A Great Design = A Great Business

Creating a central design for your business turns your mission into something that is tangible and visually pleasing for your audience. A great design is one that captures your audience’s attention immediately and effectively communicates a message.

Below are some things to keep in mind when formulating ideas for your company’s main design:

Make sure to tell a story

Beyond your message there should be a story about your company and how it came to be. Collaborating with a team of writers, creators, and most importantly – the client – is key to formulate a successful design.

Tailor your design specifically for your company’s needs

Design is more than just pen and paper. The design process begins through developing a brief, which includes your likes and dislikes about prior designs, your budget, any time constraints, and what must be included in your future design.

Taking the time to research what works for your company is important for great design.


Make rough drafts and sketches. Then make even more. Taking into consideration many ideas is important when creating a new design. The most successful design stories come from a collaboration of several different sketches and drafts.

When working with your team giving thorough and critical feedback will help them make the right adjustments for your likings.

Here at David Greenberg Communications, we have a team that works directly with all our clients to create design strategies that are best suited for their company or business. We combine our clients’ passion for their work and the creativity at our firm to produce a visual story that generates powerful visual campaigns. Reach out to us if you would like to begin creating a beautiful design for your company.






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