All You Need To Know About Audience Architecture

Audience Architecture is a concept proposed by Bob Pearson in his book Storytizing. Audience Architecture is the secret to all marketing professionals because it is what will grant success to all the hard work you put into marketing your business/organization online.

According to Pearson, “No one can successfully transform communications, marketing or digital-media models without knowing precisely what their audience is doing.” For this reason, audience architecture is extremely important because it is the model that will allow you to define and understand your audience.

In order to build Audience Architecture, Pearson suggests a new concept known as Storytizing. He says that “Storytizing refers to a brand’s ability to make its full story accessible to a present or future customer at anytime, anywhere in the world, and based on the needs of the customer.”

For this reason, influencers are so popular today because through social media, they are constantly sharing their ideas, sharing information about products and services they like or dislike, and they are constantly interacting with their audiences. The whole idea behind Storytizing is that you should learn how to listen to your customers in order to develop new ideas to satisfy their unmet needs. On the other hand, advertising just develops an idea or campaign and pays to put it in front of viewers.

Stop depending on segmentation, primary research, paid media and emails. These are great tools to use as marketers, but they are not enough. Keep up with trends, instead. Audiences are curious and they are always looking forward to innovative ideas, products and services. The world changes each day, and it is important to keep up with the change to stay alive in the market.

Some tips to practice audience architecture include:

  1. Make all your online platforms online-friendly because mobile phones are driving a shift to responsive experience.
  2. Have content available at all times, to all people and in all platforms.
  3. Websites should not only offer information about your business/organization, but it should be ready to seal the deal.
  4. Be active on social media because sooner rather than later, those channels will become the center of commerce.
  5. Keep your audience happy; remember they’re the ones responsible for word of mouth.

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