Are Podcasts The New Talk-Radio?

With the rise of all media being driven through technological platforms, it leads us to believe that technology has the power to jump start different mediums. Through Apple’s podcast app, Apple users are able to download and stream podcasts for free. Listeners can also download podcasts through other apps such as Google Podcasts and Pandora. With a topic in every category you could think of, there is a podcast for everyone.

This idea, listening to a podcast instead of music, has spread to all ends of the business spectrum. Companies have begun accessing larger audiences through use of podcasts, by covering topics that relate to their brand and industry. The effectiveness of podcasts relates to how these shows are marketed. Instead of changing the channel on the morning radio, viewers are able to search for specific topics they wish to listen to. Due to these reasons, this virtual show is starting to look, and sound, like the new radio talk show.

Podcasts are easy to produce and do not require a high budget. Brands have realized this and with the help of marketing and advertising, they have started their own podcast as a way to reach consumers through words instead of TV commercials. An advertising agency could best benefit your company by helping you launch a podcast that displays topics related to your brand via this emerging source. Agencies can curate topics for the episode, assist in the production, write scripts and advertise your show in a way that will resonate with viewers. With the support of an agency like David Greenberg Communications, your company could be on its way to hitting the podcast charts and reaching a new clientele.






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