Be a partner with your marketing agency

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Surprisingly the biggest objection I hear from people about hiring a marketing agency is not the cost but the uncertainty about how to work with that agency.

I remind clients and potential clients constantly that they are the experts in their particular field. They would not hire a plumber to do legal work, or a doctor to make a pizza or…well, you get the point.

So why would they assume they know the best way to reach their target audiences?

But the hurdle is trusting that agency to do its best for you. And that takes time and patience, yet it is critical for your success. Developing a strong and loyal relationship with an agency would produce better results for your organization. So beyond patience and trust, here are some tips to making a successful and beneficial partnership.

Be flexible.

Not everything always goes as planned. There will be plenty of ups and downs throughout the agency experience, and it’s our goal to keep everything running smoothly despite any changes. Understanding that plans may change and strategies may not always work is crucial to getting results.

Have a plan.

As your agency, we need to know where your organization is going, what goals you have and what you want to change. That requires regular, open communication, so we are all clear about expectations and goals.

Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to better understand what’s going on with your organization. You’re spending both time and money on your agency experience, so you’re entitled to full transparency.

Work as a team.

Hiring an agency is great for organizations that need a fresh and creative perspective on communication with target audiences. However, don’t expect to leave us on our own once the proposals have been signed. A good agency should include you in the process – coming to you with ideas and recommendations. And a good agency needs to listen when you come to them with a marketing idea.






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