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Caregiver Chronicle

We usually write in this spot about our clients or some aspect of marketing. Today, we are doing something a little different. While the Caregiver Chronicle is technically a client, it is not really like any of the others.

The Caregiver Chronicle came out of an idea from Cheryl Robinson, a social worker who specializes in dealing with older people. Cheryl worked with my parents and later with my wife and me as we became the primary caregivers for my parents.

A few years later she came to me with the idea for the Caregiver Chronicle, and together we created this newsletter that comes out six times a year and is filled with vital information for family caregivers. Thanks to our founding sponsors, Sam W. Boone, Jr. P.A. and Home by Choice, along with several other advertisers, the Caregiver Chronicle has grown and now includes an online component (

And after almost three years it still maintains its primary mission – to provide invaluable information about support services in this community designed to help primary caregivers.






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