Dos and Don’ts: Email Etiquette

In your business email communication, you want to send the right message to everyone you interact with. Email seems informal by nature, but all business communication should be treated equally. We send and receive so many emails per day, so it’s easy to make mistakes. There are lots of ideas to keep in mind, but here are important ones to know.

Do: Use a professional address

Your email address leaves an impression on the recipient. It is best to use a company email address to show that you mean business. At the least, use an email that uses your name so the recipients know whom they are corresponding with.

Do: Pay attention to the subject line

Your subject line should not be an afterthought. If your subject line reads poorly, your recipient may not even open the email. Be clear and concise.

Do: Proofread before sending

Even the smallest spelling or grammar mistakes make a big impression. Your recipient will notice these mistakes and wonder if your carelessness applies to your business as well.

Don’t: Add the email address first

As stated above, it’s important for your email to be spotless. By adding the address at the very end of the email, you’ll make sure you don’t accidentally press the send button before you have the chance to proofread.


Don’t: Use slang

Keep things as professional as possible. Avoid informal salutations to ensure you’re being taken seriously.

Don’t: Overuse humor

In any writing, it’s harder for humor to be taken the right way without facial expressions and tone. It is safest to avoid humor in your business emails unless you know the recipient very well. If you’re questioning it, just leave it out.






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