Email Newsletters: The Dos and Don’ts

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Email marketing is a tried-and-true method of reaching your target audience. But these days, people are constantly flooded with an array of emails. Make your e-newsletter stand out from the rest of the inbox. Capture your readers’ attention, even on their busiest of days.


Do: streamline your content

Users are more likely to click on your content that is sleek and easy to read. Utilize headlines and break the information into smaller chunks. Keep the background simple.


Do: make it useful

Make it worth your reader’s time to read the newsletter. Provide your reader with valuable content about your industry and what your company brings to the table. Adding enriching photos never hurt, too.


Don’t: be overbearing

If you over-promote your brand, it will turn off the readers. There is a fine line between promoting and overwhelming. Include your logo, but don’t shove it in the reader’s face. When in doubt, if it seems like too much, it probably is.


There are a lot of details to focus on when crafting the perfect e-newsletter. We would love to help your company craft the perfect e-newsletter to spread your brand to every target inbox. We’ve helped numerous clients with their newsletter. Why shouldn’t you be next?






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