Facebook Has Become a Better Tool for Content Marketing

As Facebook matures, they are evolving into better resource for content marketers as well as users looking for useful news and relevant content. You may have noticed that the Facebook news feed has looked a little different for the past couple of months. Greg Finn discuses these changes in more detail in his article, “Goodbye Memes, Hello Quality Articles & News,” but the bottom line is that these changes very subtly redefine the focus for content on Facebook. By making pictures smaller, relative to links and other text content, the focus has shifted. Now, rather than lots of pictures of cats and other similar memes, the focus is being drawn to engaging content.

For users, Facebook is becoming a useful tool for news aggregation. Since it can figure out what our interests are by analyzing the pages we like, it has the capability of suggesting content that we might find useful or interesting. Instead of visiting several news pages and a few special interest or professional blogs, we can like these pages and get a customized new feed – mixed in with updates and photos about our family and friends, of course.

For marketers, these changes mean that the spotlight has moved from humorous photos to content that can inform your potential clients, while at the same time educating them about your offerings. Coupled with a well planned system of analytics and conversion tracking, Facebook is becoming a powerful tool for spreading the word about the value that you deliver to your customers. These format changes may also help to expand the average user’s age demographic to include more mature users.

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