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More often than not I hear clients say that their customers find them on the Internet or by googling. The other common thing I hear is that they heard about my client from a friend. Very rarely do I hear print, radio, TV, other type of online or some other form of marketing.

Usually the next thing I hear from my client is that since everyone finds them by googling, they don’t need print, radio, TV or anything else. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Most people shop today by googling – so much so that it has become an accepted word in our vocabulary. And Google loves that. The myth is that you must be at the top of the google ranking to be noticed. But there’s a catch. Being at the top is nice but being on the first page is critical.

We can get you on the top through Goggle advertising, and some of our clients are currently doing that. It is an effective marketing tool.

But most studies about buying habits will say that the reason consumers click on your website and come to you for products or services is that your name is recognizable. So it’s not always about being first but being on the first page and having a name that consumers remember.

And that gets done by using a variety of advertising methods, including print, radio, TV and online, along with a healthy mix of good publicity. That’s something with which we can help. And of course it is also important to provide excellent products or service, so your customers will tell their friends about you.






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