Getting It Done on Deadline

See how our team recently created long-term benefits in a short amount of time for America’s Escape Game Gainesville!

Recently at David Greenberg Communications, we were faced with a new challenge. Our client, America’s Escape Game Gainesville, needed our help promoting the opening of their business with barely a week before the grand opening. With not much time, we needed a marketing strategy that could be executed immediately.

With the time crunch, we decided it best to dedicate our efforts to promoting the business as a whole, rather than just the grand opening. By doing so, we could be realistic in what we could accomplish in the time allotted.

An Instagram account, along with a Facebook event page, was created and boosted to a larger audience. Reaching nearly 3,000 people, the event page spiked the interest of those in the community.

We also decided to create a Snapchat filter including a discount code to receive $10 off a game. We wanted a high-traffic area to see the filter, so we placed it in downtown Gainesville at a popular bar scene for university students. Running from Thursday night to the day prior to the opening, we targeted a small, niche group during the times they were most likely to be present in the area.

Engaging with social media platforms is not only important, but also necessary. To reach your target audience, you must interact with them on their turf, usually being online. Social media platforms are one of the top channels for creating brand awareness, though you must stay consistent across these platforms to maintain a cohesive brand.

Cohesiveness of the brand was maintained by promoting the same discount code across all platforms, along with using consistent logos, colors and descriptions. By using this code to promote the business on various social media platforms, as their marketing team, it helps us to know where their potential business discovered them. Evaluating where we received the most traffic can help us better our marketing strategy now and in the future.

When creating a marketing and public relations plan in a time crunch, it’s best to look at the big picture. Don’t let time stop your content marketing strategy from being effective. Be realistic in what you can complete in the allotted time, and promote the brand rather than the grand opening. This way, you can hit the ground running and publish as much content as you can in a short amount of time.

If you’re effective in boosting knowledge of the brand, the long-term benefits will override the small time allotted until the opening.






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