Golden Rules of a Press Release

Journalists are flooded with press releases daily. Yours better stand out to make it past a journalist’s inbox. A good press release informs the media of the recent developments of your company and encourages the journalist to cover your newsworthy angle. There are a few tips to incorporate into your news release to get interest.


First impressions are important, and the headline is what first grabs the journalist’s attention. Let the reader know exactly what the topic of the press release is. This isn’t the time to be too witty or cute – get straight to the point.

Watch the grammar

Careless grammar and spelling errors are distracting. Flawless grammar will boost your credibility and professionalism. Make sure you proofread, spellcheck and ask for another set of eyes to read it before hitting send.

Short is sweet

Nobody wants to read a long-winded intro. Keep paragraphs clear and concise. Your entire release should be no longer than two pages – one page is ideal. Also, pack important info at the top.

Back it up

Besides the simple facts, provide a solid quote and some statistics, if possible. These will show the significance of what you’re trying to promote, making a more compelling argument.

Make more info available

Be sure to provide contact information for the reporter to follow up, including a name, phone number and email. Plus, add links relevant to the release such as the company site, social media, etc. Don’t make reporters dig for more information and risk losing their interest.

With 17 years of experience, and 15 years as a journalist prior to that, we at Greenberg Communications are no strangers to the press release. Let us handle your contact with the press. We will get your company the attention it deserves.






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