Good Design is Good Business

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Effective communication is impossible without effective design. Design takes a central message or idea and turns it into something visual and tangible, which is one of the most successful ways to immediately connect with an audience.

Tell a story

Good design should not only communicate a message, but also the story behind that message and how it came to light. With that being said, good design cannot be a one-man show; it must be a collaborative effort that encompasses a team of writers, creators and, most importantly, the client.

Develop a Brief

If you’re just starting your journey down the road of visual communications, know that there’s much more to it than sketching on a piece of paper.

Design must start with developing a brief, which should explain what you like and dislike about already existing design, your budget and time constraints, and any important content information that must be included.

Make time for brainstorming

As either a client or professional, be able to bring more to the design table than, “I don’t like that.” Good design comes from explaining why you don’t like something and then assessing how it can be adjusted.

Take into consideration all rough drafts and sketches when analyzing options. The best designs often come from a combination of features from several different sketches.

At David Greenberg Communications, our team works directly with the client to create tactics that will best suit the objective of the message.  While harnessing our clients’ passion for their work, we utilize the creativity of our designers and the storytelling capability of our content writers to build powerful visual campaigns. Achieved through a variety of mediums, we strive to design tactics that will help our clients positively impact the audiences they are targeting.

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