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We believe it takes more to become a Greenberg Communications client than a willingness to pay us each month. If we’re not willing to use the services provided by our clients, it would be a challenge for us to represent that client. That’s just the way we do business.

One case in point is Craig Eaton and Eaton Electric Company (www.eatonelectriccompany.com). I have known Craig a little more than three years, and it is fair to say I trust him with virtually all our electrical needs.

Craig has been serving Gainesville and the surrounding area for more than 25 years, handling both residential and commercial service work. And Craig doesn’t just do the job. He takes the time to explain the work and advise his clients on all the safety issues connected to electricity.

And he’s quick. We had a service need in our home that we discovered recently on a Thursday night. It was not an emergency but after calling Craig on Friday morning, the problem was fixed within a few hours.

Also, during the 3-plus years we have known Craig; we have referred him to others because we trust his work.

That’s what you want with an electrician – fast, excellent work, and you always get it with Craig Eaton and Eaton Electric Co.







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