Adapting Your Marketing Strategy During Crisis


Throughout 2020 thus far, the world has seen social distancing and WFH (work from home) trends becoming part of our daily lives due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Every aspect of our lives has been impacted in some way, especially if you work for or own a small business.

The difficult task of creating a media strategy for your company, no matter what the industry, is important to focus on as everyone is more inclined to communicate through social media, as we experience shelter-in-place. Timing is extremely important when you decide to craft and share your company’s message, which is why the help of an agency may be key in evaluating thoughtful timing.

Knowing the news cycles and what news is trending is important as you continue to promote your brand, because the last thing that you would want to do is continue business as usual, which can send out a less sympathetic message.

Resources during this time are strained, so as you choose what strategy to keep and what ideas to change, it may be important that you focus on the fundamentals. When you adapt your business strategy during these hard times, always remember to look long-term, with regards to how people will remember your business efforts during this time.






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