How to make a little advertising go a long way

AdvertisingIt’s no secret that advertising is one of the larger marketing initiatives you could tackle. With some organizations having larger budgets than others, there is often the issue of whoever can spend more will inevitably make more. Regardless of where you begin, all organizations must climb the ladder of success to some extent. Whatever your advertising budget may be, there are three major aspects to focus on when creating your ad strategy. These three things will help you increase business and ultimately make more money:

1. Be present.

The most important aspect of advertising is to be where people are looking. It should be relatively easy for current and potential customers to find your organization’s name in search engines and directories. Though it’s not always feasible to have the biggest ad on a page, having your name and contact information present is an important way to bring in more customers. Furthermore, many customers associate larger ads with higher priced products, which could work against you. Overall, being present it the easiest and fastest way to grow your business.

2. Have effective content.

When a potential or current customer focuses their attention on your ad, you’ll have only seconds to engage them. A major deciding factor for potential customers is the messaging behind your content. You must make sure that you present the customer with enough relevant information that they can make a decision about your product. Include graphics and photos, eye-catching colors and text, and plenty of white space. Vibrant and engaging content will increase your chances of maintaining the attention of new customers.

3. Turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Once you’ve acquired potential customers, you must turn them into loyal, long-term customers to maintain success. Be sure to respond quickly to customers who reach out to you, whether it’s through social media, a phone call or an email newsletter. New customers want to know that your brand will communicate with them and support them when and if any issues arise.

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