How to make your agency experience painless

PRAt first, working with a public relations agency might sound like an intimidating feat. Entrusting your organization into the hands of outsiders requires trust and patience.

But rest assured, developing a strong and loyal relationship with an agency would produce better results for your organization. As we learn your preferences, goals and working habits we can create a connection that serves your needs.

Be flexible.

Not everything always goes as planned. There will be plenty of ups and downs throughout the agency experience, and it’s our goal to keep everything running smoothly despite any changes. Understanding that plans may change and strategies may not always work is crucial to getting results.

Have a plan.

Agencies need to know where your organization is going, what goals you have and what you want to change. There should be documents that outline your objectives and desired strategies so that both sides are clear on what is expected of them.

Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to better understand what’s going on with your organization. You’re spending both time and money on the agency experience, so you’re entitled to full transparency.

Work as a team.

Hiring an agency is great for organizations that need a fresh and creative perspective on communication with various publics. However, don’t expect to leave an agency on their own once the proposals have been signed. You’re soliciting professionals to deepen your connection with the outside world, which requires your direction.

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