Important Current Trends in Public Relations and Marketing

With the growing prominence of technology, including social media and smart phones, the business of public relations and marketing is evolving at an unprecedented rate with no signs of stopping. Here are some of the most noteworthy current trends:

Smart Phones

Smart phones are rapidly becoming a universal commodity and this means that the American public is more connected than ever before. The potential for positive marketing directly to customer smartphones is enormous.

Social Media

Like smart phones, social media is connecting people in a way never seen before. Current events on a global scale can be shared in seconds across continents. Content on social media has the ability to reach far beyond your community, even your continent.

Press Releases Evolving

The standard press release is not immune to the ever-changing world of public relations. As we move into the future, successful press releases will be less wordy and focus more on visual interest and content.

Here at Greenberg Communications, we believe it is important to stay on top of these trends to deliver the best service possible to our clients.






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