Instagram Plans to Get Rid of Likes: Is It for The Best?

Instagram is eliminating likes. What does that mean for businesses?

News broke this past week that the social media platform will be doing away with likes altogether. This has some users worried, especially those who use this platform as a way to make money.

The network has announced that this act of not having the specific number of likes be shown, is a way to improve mental health. While many influencers support this idea, some still wonder how brands and companies will be affected.

While users with many followers utilize the platform for brand deals and promotions, users will not be able to view the amount of people liking various content. This creates an even playing field, which could actually be beneficial for companies.

By doing this, companies that do not gain as many “likes” or impressions as others will have the opportunity to use this new way of social media. Brands will be able to promote their product or service by basing their deals and advertisements on the number of followers that certain accounts have.

When working with companies to create deals or even hiring accounts with high amounts of followers, those looking to profit still can. Users will still be able to view their personal likes and story views, which means that they can share this information with people potentially wanting to work with them and their online presence.

This is a large move for Instagram, and it is good to see that, after careful consideration, they have come to this decision. With this in place, mental health will improve, and the playing field will be leveled for everyone utilizing this tool.






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