Make Your Social Media Sharable

david greenberg communicationsThe key to effective social media strategy is writing innovative and informative content in the appropriate formats. Communications professionals must be aware of the different styles of writing for various social media platforms and be able to adapt their content respectively. Writing effective content is a major factor in producing sharable and likeable social media posts, however, here are 4 other tips to keep in mind:

We are visual people.

Humans process visual stimuli 60,000 times faster than text. Make sure you are including graphics, images and diagrams when posting on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which will catch the eye of anyone skimming their feed. Likewise, is applicable, platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are quickly climbing the ranks in popularity.

Don’t complicate your posts.

Avoid unnecessary jargon at all costs. Your audience wants to clearly and quickly understand the information being presented to them, and they will likely stop reading your post if they feel confused. Assume that your audience knows little to nothing about the topic being presented to them.

Customer service is key.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to see what issues, concerns, praises and suggestions your audience has about your organization or product. Make sure you’re responding to comments and answering questions that surface in response to your posts. Social media is a two-way street and your audience will appreciate your effort.

Don’t make your organization the focus.

Always focus your social media efforts on the consumer and how the information being presented can benefit them. Avoid constantly announcing news about the organization’s success.

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