Marketing: It’s Changed

In 2016, it seems the world is moving at an ever-constant pace.  Throughout the years, marketing has evolved to keep up with the boom of technology. It’s essential that your company keeps up – you snooze, you lose. Here are some of the top changes in marketing to be aware of.

  1. Your brand’s voice is now more important than ever. To be relevant nowadays, your business needs to produce content on various channels. This content responsibility includes website, blog, social media, apps and more. In this era, almost all relevant businesses produce their own content. Those who can’t keep up will pay the price, as this marketing trend isn’t slowing down.
  1. The customer’s voice is louder, and can dramatically change your reputation. The carefully curated brand voice can easily be overshadowed by customer reviews. More than ever, your company should ensure that everyone who interacts with your business has a great experience. Just one customer can spread ideas to hundreds through their social media. Cater to your customers’ needs, and your reputation and profits will increase.
  1. Competition is fierce. With increasing web usage, customers and clients have more options when looking for a product or service. Geographical location doesn’t play the role it used to. Now, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is invaluable. Your business should ensure that its site pops up first to reach more clients/customers.

At Greenberg Communications, we are closely keeping an eye on these marketing trends to ensure that we provide your business with the best possible service. Give us a call and we can discuss how to bring your marketing strategy to 2016.







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