Meeting with Writer’s Association of Gainesville

David had the privilege and honor recently to speak to the Writer’s Association of Gainesville about how to market their books if they self-publish. Despite it being a beautiful Sunday afternoon after what seemed like a week of cold and rain, nearly 70 people attended the event at the Millhopper Branch Library.

With tongue held firmly in cheek, David initially suggested that the best way for these authors to market their books would be to hire a marketing agency – preferably David Greenberg Communications. He then spent more than an hour explaining what they could do to market their books and answering their questions.

For many of the authors, the discussion about the use of social media and online marketing was an enlightening experience – especially when it became apparent that the majority of them were not aware of how powerful a tool this could be and how much less expensive compared to traditional marketing.

While David Greenberg Communications has helped a number of authors in the past with marketing, as well as editing, proofreading and design, we are looking forward to working with many of these local authors in the future.






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