Online Reviews

In our digital world, it only takes a few clicks for customers and clients to share opinions about your business. We can’t stress this enough – reviews can make or break your reputation. And reputation is everything. Even with strong advertising, lots of negative reviews can ruin a reputation. However, strong reviews will increase your profits and view in the public eye. Follow these tips to properly manage your company’s online reviews:


Listen to the conversation

Some people are just negative and like to complain. However, if there are specific things customers are complaining about, it may be time to take a look internally and try to fix the complaint. This will prevent future complaints about the same issue, and improve your company.


Respond to all types

It’s easy to fixate on the (hopefully few) negative reviews. But it’s also a good idea to respond to the positive reviews – you want to let your happy customers know that you appreciate them and notice them. On the bad reviews, resist the urge to be overly defensive. By politely resolving an issue, a customer will often change their mind and update the negative review.



Automated, robotic responses don’t leave a good impression. It’s best to take the time to personalize your comments. This will show the customer that you care and they will feel more loyal to your brand.


Leave it in Good Hands

We know that it’s hard to find the time in your busy schedule to keep up. It’s important to recognize the value of a great PR team behind your brand. Give us a call and we would love to discuss how to keep your online presence positive.






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