Philip Marcel Photography

Philip Marcel Photography

A brand is an all-encompassing statement about who you are, whom you serve, and how you do it uniquely. In essence, it embodies the personality of a business. Here at David Greenberg Communications we understand the importance of a strong brand in establishing a positive reputation, forming relationships and trust with customers, and attracting new business.

Last week we met with our client, Philip Marcel Photography, about building a clearer and more consistent image in order to achieve these desired effects.  Philip is an extremely talented freelance commercial, editorial and fashion photographer and cinematographer. For the past few months our team has been busy designing a new website that will better demonstrate his diverse photographic abilities and introduce his award-winning cinematography work.

However, in an oversaturated online world even the most impressive websites will generate little traffic without corresponding promotions. Therefore, we are taking the extra step to revamp Philip’s social media platforms to boost his online presence.  After conducting an initial analysis, we recognized his time and resources were spread between too many outlets and consequently delayed updates.  If you are asking for your followers’ time to engage in your social media pages, you must also take the time to manage your activities. By refocusing and prioritizing our efforts on four platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, we hope to connect Philip with his target audience in a more compelling manner. We are in the process of generating weekly social media calendars that will contain updates on upcoming events and jobs as well as captivating photography and art.

By leveraging each platform’s strengths, we hope to enhance Philip’s credibility and differentiate him from the competition.  Look out for Philip Marcel Photography’s new website this summer and visit his Facebook page at to witness’ his stunning photography for yourself.






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