Precision Window Cleaning: New Name, Same Great Service

Precision Window Cleaning






A transition that started back in June is almost complete for our client, Precision Window Cleaning (

The former Roth Window Cleaning was purchased from Chad Roth by the company’s operations manager, Chris Nickerson on July 1. For Chris, that meant all new responsibilities – primarily going from being an employee to running the company. For David Greenberg Communications, it meant a rebranding that is now in its final stages.

A new logo and business cards, business announcements and blogging about the company changes were all required and accomplished.

The bigger challenge was the redesign of the website, creating a new domain name and maintaining the high organic Google ranking we had established for Roth. The new website is still a work in progress but the other goals have all been accomplished.

So while you will now be looking at Precision Window Cleaning, some things have not changed. Under Chris, the company will continue to stand by the previously established commitment and promise to deliver superb, long-lasting results.






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