Press releases are not that complicated

press_release-01The release of a new product, the hiring of a new CEO or a simple community event merits the writing of a press release. The release is a simple communications tool used to grasp the attention of the media, but sometimes an organization can make them more complicated than they should be.

Here are a few basic steps to follow to ensure that your press release is completed quickly and efficiently:

1)   Keep it simple.

The press release doesn’t need flashy or complicated language because its main goal is to deliver the information in an organization and succinct fashion. Though you want to grasp the media’s attention, you also want them to keep reading, so keep your release under one page.

2)   Make sure it’s timely.

Don’t spend so long trying to perfect your release that the information looses its newsworthy value. Gather the information, draft the release, make some edits and send it on its way. Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity with the media.

3)   Include only the most important details

As mentioned earlier, you should keep your release to one page or less. That means you only have space for the most important and newsworthy aspects. Figure out what your news hook is and then include the relevant details that apply to it.

4)   Don’t forget to give your contact information.

Don’t be so focused on the story that you forget to provide a reporter with a way to get more information. Always include your name, phone number, email address, website, etc. at the top of a release so the media can quickly find it.

5)   Do your best.

Your release may not be exactly what you want, but you should happily move forward with any quality product that communicates the information effectively. Do make sure to check the release for AP style, grammar and facts.

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