Shareable Social Media

In our last article, we talked about some effective social media marketing strategies. This week, we wanted to share with you a more in-depth explanation of how to make your social media posts shareable.

Most importantly, your company must first recognize which writing styles work best for each social media site. The content you are producing should be tailored to the needs of each site. For example, Instagram posts should be largely image-based while Facebook posts should include informative text. Writing effective content that is personalized for each of your social media sites makes your posts shareable and likeable.

We like visuals. Human beings process visual stimuli 60,000 times faster than we process text. Include graphics, images and diagrams when posting on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Appealing images catch the eye of your audience and will likely hold their attention longer than a post strictly filled with text would.

Keep it simple. Avoid unnecessary words or complicated language. Your audience should quickly understand the main reason for your post. Include the most important details first.

The ease at which your company can respond to issues, concerns, praises or suggestions on social media sites should constantly be used to your advantage. Always respond to comments – whether they are positive or negative. Your audience will always appreciate the effort. Focus on the consumer. Your social media posts should always be directed towards his or her perspective.

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