Spruce Up Your Website Before Spring

Your website is the backbone of your online presence, so it is essential that it stays up-to-date and relevant. There is no need to constantly overhaul your site, but a few tweaks can go a long way.

De-clutter your site

Before your website can truly be refreshed, it is important to weed out content that may be outdated. Read through your current website and take out photos and content that won’t attract customers anymore. Customers and clients will appreciate your site that focuses on quality content over quantity. Now, you’ve made way for new and improved content.

Add new photos and videos

First impressions are everything. You don’t want the first impression to be your outdated and low-quality photos. Adding visual appeal can go a long way to please customers while they browse your site.

 Create cohesion with social media

Be sure that your social media banners correlate to your website heading.  Your brand should be easily recognized across multiple platforms. As we’ve mentioned before, brand consistency is key to your relationship with obtaining and keeping customers.

 Make sure you’re visible

What’s the point of a great site if it’s never visited? Now may be a good time to look up your site on multiple search engines. It’s important to ensure your site works properly across the board. Also, notice how early your site comes up when you search for it. You may want some professional help in optimizing your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Your website is a tool that needs consistent attention. Don’t leave it in the hands of amateurs.






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