Summer – It is Not the Quiet Time Anymore

a sign post with marketing and strategy on street like signs

Summer is often considered quiet time in Gainesville. There are fewer students. Families are away on vacation. Traffic is a little lighter.

You can get lulled into a false sense in two ways. The first is that business is slower, and you just have to deal with it. The second is that you have plenty of time to plan for the fall.

Wrong on both counts!

As hard as it is, when things are slow is when you should be promoting your business. Unlike past years, there are still plenty of people here. And that means your target audience is out there waiting to be found by you.

As far as the planning for the fall, now is the time. Ideally you planned your marketing strategy for 2015 last fall and early winter. If you did, now is the time to look at that strategy and maybe tweak it for the last six months of the year. If you did not prepare a 2015 strategy, there’s no time like the present to plan for the fall and to start thinking about 2016.

We can help. Our role is to help you analyze your budget and target audience, create a strategy for you and then implement in. Now is the time.







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