Technology and the Way We Use Social Media

Technology and the Way We Use Social Media

Different types of technology across all mediums have shaped the way we use social media and the frequency that we use it at. It has even shaped the way that we conduct business through social media platforms.

Telecommunication systems have impacted how quickly we can adhere to instant messages and “DMs” (direct messages).

New computer hardware and software platforms are being developed around this prevalent social element. PR and communication companies are realizing the emphasis put on these platforms, making it imperative that they stay fluent in the use of social technologies.

Easy accessibility through platforms on your laptop and phone can also help in the process of social networking.

For example, with Instagram now being able to be accessed effectively on desktops and laptops, it makes networking on social media much easier. It has been proven that due to this always-available way of connecting with people, a lot more time is spent on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to managing your business or advertising your company online.

At David Greenberg Communications, we make it our goal to comply with your social media needs. We equip ourselves with the tools needed to manage each new technology that may help in promoting your brand through social media platforms.






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