Testimonial from our client, Dr. Charles Tucker

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We are very pleased that Dr. Tucker took the time to say these nice things about our service to him. We really do enjoy working with him and all our clients.

We have used David Greenberg Communications for our marketing for the last few years, and we could not be happier.
From the beginning, David and his staff created a unique plan for me – taking into account our target audiences, budget and my own personality.

We started with a redesigned website, and in fact, I had new patients come to me and say they made the appointment because they saw and liked my website. Chiropractic is a competitive industry in Gainesville but David and his staff have worked diligently to maintain my online presence through a combination of strong website content, effective blogging and the right amount of online advertising.

As far as traditional marketing, Greenberg Communications has looked for opportunities for me that both reach my target audience effectively and consider my overall budget. Initially I shared print advertising with two non-competitive colleagues. This was David’s idea to stretch small budgets for all three of us.

More recently, David came to me with an idea for TV advertising. It’s my understanding that David initially rejected the offer because he knew it would be out of my price range. When the TV outlet came back with a lower price, David included some of the discount he gets as an agency, to get the package to a price I could afford. The results have been extraordinary.

I initially started to see a steady growth when Greenberg Communications took over my marketing. With the addition of the TV advertising, that growth has become more significant.

And while results are important in any industry, one of the main reasons I enjoy working with David and his staff is that they have taken the time to understand my practice and industry. I know they are always looking out for my best interests. Dr. Charles Tucker, Tucker Chiropractic.






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