The Age of “Fake News” and The Media

How do businesses deal with fake news

In today’s society, it seems that one must question everything that is put out on the Internet. Videos are being altered, public figures are being misquoted and the line between the truth and falsities is becoming blurred.

Media consumers who use various streaming channels for work or for personal use have had to inquire whether or not information made public to everyone is true or fake. The constant questioning of journalists and reporters through social media platforms has led to a change in how media is conducted across all spectrums.

While there are many sources that alter reality in how it is presented to the public, there are also many reliable sources that work hard to fact check concepts that are published.

Knowing how to decipher the true from the fake is something that a public relations and advertising agency can assist you with. Whether it is working with consumers directly and making sure that these are real people (not “hackers”), establishing strong relationships with trustworthy news outlets for your company or even being more authentic to your public are topics that an agency can assist you with.

Your personal brand and/or your businesses’ brand is important to us at Greenberg Communications, and we would love to help you earn the trust of your consumers, while working to ensure that you are utilizing factual media sources.







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