The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

During times of hardships and working-from-home opportunities, many companies are cutting marketing budgets when they need marketing strategies the most.

With everyone at home in the age of COVID-19, the emphasis of technology and social media has been heightened, since everyone is over-utilizing their phones and computers. Companies should look to increase marketing strategies in order to effectively grow sales and reach a target audience.

Digital marketing and social media are something that a company can get the most value out of due to the reach of social networking sites. Here are several effective marketing strategies to stretch your dollar, which include content marketing, emails and social media.

Email content and newsletters are some of the areas we specialize in at Greenberg Communications. The subject line, the voice and the targeted audience are three key components that can increase your positive feedback and the return on your dollar. Social media and content marketing are huge, budget-friendly plans as well, that are great options for getting your company out there to a larger public and creating a buzz.

Videos, podcasts, blogging, news releases and social media planning are marketing strategies that we have mastered at our agency.

You are looking to increase sales, draw in new customers or even gain a new audience, we look forward to working to create a powerful marketing strategy for you and your company with little outside costs.

Contact us today to see how we can change your marketing plan and help you grow your company.






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