The Importance of A Multi-Dimensional Media Presence

The Importance of A Multi-Dimensional Media Presence

In today’s society, how a brand represents itself on all media levels is crucial for the success of the company.

Whether it be Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, all social media platforms have the capability to take your brand to the next level. Not everyone has a million followers and the best part about the media today is that you don’t have to have that many followers to see success and gain a profit from your online presence. While we encourage you to maintain the same message and idea across all of your social accounts, it is important to vary the presentation depending on which outlet you are using in order to fully engage with your public.

In the age of “a good Instagram aesthetic” and filters on every picture, the constant color scheme and font is a good aspect to maintain, however the content itself should vary in verbiage.

For example, on Twitter you may want to involve the use of more hashtags throughout your statements, as opposed to loading your Instagram caption with many hashtags.

When it comes to Facebook, you really want to dive into the message you are presenting because the platform allows for a larger character count, unlike Twitter for example.

When deciphering what caption for what platform or even what piece of video content you want to publish to which outlet, you may want to look to an agency for assistance. The best part about an agency is that we have expertise in all of your media-related questions. When crafting your online presence, remember to keep a constant message but vary the presentation. Your followers will thank you when they are not viewing the same post on every outlet.






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