The Importance of Varying Your Social Media Content

The Importance of Varying Your Social Media Content

The purpose of having social media accounts for your business is not only to advertise your product or service, but it is also to allow the public to get a sense of who you are; to humanize your brand.

It is extremely important to get at least one brand-related message out to the public per day, or even per week, but it is equally as important to let your customers and your potential customers feel connected to the brand. A good balance of the two is vital for your business’s social media success.

For people to get a sense of your brand’s personal values, these posts do not have to be invasive, and they do not have to be about your personal life whatsoever. These types of posts could be things like wishing your followers Happy Holidays, or posting motivational content, so that your followers feel like you care about them and are not only interested in advancing your business.

People like human connection. They like a brand that they can connect with, which is why it is very important for your brand to have a good balance between advertisement-based posts and more personal, humanized posts.

At David Greenberg Communications, our specialists work with each of our clients to ensure that their brands not only help promote their business in a positive way, but that they also help connect the brand with the public.

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