The Rights and Wrongs of Marketing

Beyond traditional marketing outlets (print, radio, TV, online), your company may also want to utilize online or print directories and working with various groups in the community to get your name out there.

These various groups can include nonprofits or other organizations based on your company’s interests. When outlining your marketing budget, find one or two organizations that align with your interests and values.

Here at David Greenberg Communications, we tell our clients that they should dedicate a certain percentage of their marketing budget to these various causes and organizations. We also recommend setting some money aside at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Successful marketing comes from setting a successful budget. Marketing agencies can work with your company to determine how much money should be directed towards marketing.

David Greenberg Communications will take the time to study the cost and value of each of your company’s marketing opportunities.

Enlisting an agency to help with your marketing plan will allow your company to take advantage of the best opportunities and implement them flawlessly.






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