The Truth About Content Strategy

When it comes to content strategy for websites or social media, many businesses and organizations make the same mistake, which is to share content about them instead of about their audiences.

The truth about content strategy in relation to public relations and marketing is that professionals need to share content that their audiences find newsworthy enough to share, like, pin and follow.

At this point, you might be asking yourselves, how do I do this? Here at Greenberg Communications, we implement these tactics when creating a content strategy:

  1. Instead of writing like marketers, we write like reporters. What this means is that we make sure we include all the details about a certain story in order to make the story relevant to your audience. A good approach is to write blog posts thinking “What will the client gain from reading the post?” rather than “How will the business popularity increase?”
  2. When writing a blog or social media post, we make sure to that our goal is to solve a problem your audience might be facing or might face in the future. For instance, if you’re an electrician, we think about the most common issues your clients face in regards to their wiring, and then we write informative blog posts about those so your clients know what to do while they wait for you to come to their location and help them fix the problem.
  3. Some examples of public relations content we incorporate in our clients’ strategy include:
    • To write guest blog posts to position your brand as an expert source on another domain.
    • To write how-to guides to provide your audiences with the step-by-step to learn something new or fix something.
    • To add visuals such as photos, videos, memes and GIFs.
    • To create infographics to provide your audiences with useful information in a visual way.
    • To add testimonials to your website or to your Facebook page to increase your credibility.
    • To send email newsletters because they are still the leader in digital communications.
    • To make social promotions such as creating Instagram contests and promoting free giveaways to increase publicity.
    • To use keywords and hashtags to optimize your linking strategies. In other words, to increase social sharing and search engine visibility.

At Greenberg Communications our goal is to make your business succeed online. For specific questions, feel free to contact us at any time.






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