Transfer your Site to GBH (Greenberg Hosting)

Transfer a site to the DGC‘s dedicated server – GBH.

$80.00 – $200.00 – One time cost for a safe and secure transfer of all core website files, extensions, plugins, add-ons, libraries, and exportation of the associated databases.
** the price range depends on any factors. Such as, if the site also involves an e-commerce aspect to it, the overall size of the site, if there are any unusual features, and the size/configuration of the Database may also affect the cost of the transfer)

$30 – Monthly hosting charge which includes the following services.

  • Redundant monthly backups of files and Database
  • **Ability to add users with their own ftp accounts or “cloud” folders
  • One, easy to reach, support person. Me – Blake. As far as your website is concerned I will deal with any tech support needed.
  • GBH is our own secure, dedicated server, unlike a shared server where your site resides with 1000’s of others demanding bandwidth. GBH hosts many fewer sites than the norm with around 20 at any given time. Our websites load pages quicker, displaying images rapidly with little to no buffering for videos. Smoother navigation keeps visitors interested.

** advanced feature available but we would like to have a particular discussion about this.