Tucker Chiropractic to Unveil New TV Commercial


A few months back I wrote in this space about the need to diversify marketing – have a good mix of print, radio, TV and online advertising. The reason for that is name recognition. When a customer or client goes online to do research to make a buying decision, two things are important. First, your name needs to be on the first page when they do that Google search. Second, they need to recognize your name.

One of our clients, Tucker Chiropractic, understands exactly what that means. So in addition to doing what needs to be done to achieve high Google ranking for him, we have used a variety of other platforms to put his name out in the community. We have used a mix of print, digital and TV. Dr. Tucker just completed a great run on the CBS/NBC programs Health Connections. He saw a significant increase in new clients during the run. We made the decision to stick with TV but change the focus.

Looking for a slightly different target audience, we decided to go to 30-second commercials only for a while. As always, working with the crew at CBS/NBC was a great experience, and earlier this week we approved his new 30-second spot. It will start airing soon. Let us know when you see it.






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