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United Way of North Central Florida

While we generally use this space to talk about our clients, our services or trends in marketing, advertising or public relations, this week the subject will be gratitude. Yes, David Greenberg Communications is a small business, and, like any other small business, we have weeks and months where the budget is tight, but we are still fortunate enough to be able to give back to the community.

Growing up and in my early professional years, I remember United Way campaigns. I’m old enough to remember when it was the United Fund – prior to it becoming the United Way. Back in the day, my employer took money from my check, and it went to the community’s United Fund. I’m told that’s a model that still works well but given the nature of business, work and employees these days, there’s potential for something different.

That’s why the United Way of North Central Florida created its Small Business Partners program. Many of my colleagues have been involved, and two in particular – Edward Lavagnino of Gift Certificates and More and Shane Irving of Giggle Magazine – encouraged me to get involved. I was thinking about it when my client, Jorge Villalobos of The Best Restoration, told me I had to meet with Chris Wells from the United Way.

Understand that at Greenberg Communications we do some giving back to the community, mostly by doing pro bono work for some of our nonprofit clients. But Chris and I met, and she showed me how my agency can really help make a difference – and in a way that is not a terrible financial burden.

In fact this week I was featured as the small business partner by United Way. To see my Q&A, go to this link: https://www.unitedwayncfl.org/spotlightdavidgreenberg.

And because of all the networking opportunities with other small businesses which happen to be my target audience, my participation is a win-win. I can give back to the community in a way that makes a difference, and I may even get some new business out of it. But that’s just an extra bonus.

So here’s my suggestion. If you consider yourself a small business, get in touch with Chris at cwells@unitedwayncfl.org or call her on her cell (352) 316-0666. If you want to see the other businesses involved in the program, go to www.unitedwayncfl.org/smallbusinesspartners. No matter what you decide to do, having a meeting with Chris is treat in itself. Let her share the details of this great program with you. And then make a decision that will make you feel good, help the community and maybe even help your business. I’m really glad I did.






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