What defines a good website?

Your website’s structure plays a huge role in creating clear paths for your online visitors that will enhance the experience. The navigation of your website is the clearest indicator of what your company’s primary focus is and what you do best. Good website design is backed by strategy. While new innovations in creative design are constantly evolving the abilities of digital media, there are several fundamental elements every good website should incorporate.

  1. Make sure each page of your website reflects your brand. You can achieve this by incorporating the colors of your company, your logo, or similar types of images and typography throughout your entire site.
  2. Make your contact and location information easily accessible.
  3. Keep it simple. Visitors should be able to navigate anywhere on your site in three clicks or less.
  4. Clearly explain your company’s purpose.
  5. Use clear language. Avoid unnecessary words that may confuse your visitors.
  6. Incorporate your social media sites by including icons that will direct your visitors to each of your pages.
  7. Include a section that allows for your visitors to provide feedback or ask questions.

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