What You Need to Know: Rebranding

If your current brand isn’t producing the results you’d hoped, it might be time to rebrand. This leap of faith isn’t always easy. But, if executed properly, it can change your company and its reputation for the better. Enlisting PR/Marketing professionals can help you to define your brand and disseminate this new brand to your customers.

Change Strategically

What is one of the most important keys to rebranding? Don’t just change your logo or name – change your message, culture or goals. Be sure that the change of name is followed by a change in some aspect of your business principles. Make your company more than a brand. Become a story. Find out what resonates and sticks with your audience. This is a great time to broaden your audience and target those groups you’ve been missing.

Launch Strategically

Some companies rebrand too quickly and pay the price. Don’t be one of them – learn from them. Rebranding can compromise your sense of reliability with loyal customers. Before publicly rebranding, be sure that internally, everyone is on the same page. Your employees should advocate for the new brand and be ready to answer questions. Your PR team should be ready to spread the word about your new brand and handle customer reactions. Finally, on all platforms (social media, website, brochures, etc), your rebrand should be consistent.

In conclusion, your brand is essential to your company. It’s your company’s voice to the rest of the world. When it’s time to tweak your message, public relations professionals are here to help you envision and then execute the new brand. If you think it’s time to revamp your image, give us a call.






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