What’s Your 2016 Marketing Plan?

So It’s a new year, and we’re all back at work after taking off some holiday time. But the big question is, besides the last number of the year ending in 6 instead of 5, what has changed?

Are you reaching your target audience any better than you were in 2015? The bigger question may be are you still trying to handle that yourself while you are running your business?

Marketing is ever-changing, and while you may be an expert in your field, no one expects you to have the same knowledge about what’s going on in marketing. You wouldn’t build your own house – unless you’re a home builder. You wouldn’t do your own business taxes – unless you’re a CPA. You wouldn’t adjust your own back – even if you are a chiropractor.

So why would you plan and implement your own marketing strategy?

Think of everything that’s involved: branding, website, SEO, social media, blogging, creative design, where and how to advertise, publicity, promotional materials, event planning and so much more. You have to take all these pieces and figure out how to best utilize them to reach your target audience.

It’s a monumental task, and it is one best left to experts. Give us a call. We can help.






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