Why email marketing should play an active role in your digital performance

EMThough email marketing is just one subset of the quickly growing era of digital communications, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay connected with audiences. However, it’s important to understand that email marketing should be used for maintaining customer attention, not as a primary tactic for lead generation. If done correctly, an email strategy could ultimately increase brand awareness and loyalty for both small and large organizations. Here are more specifics:

1.    It’s portable.

A huge perk of sending messages using email is that emails can be created and received anywhere. Thanks to the smart phone, most people can and do check their emails throughout the day, making emails a sure-fire way to get someone’s attention during the busy workday. Likewise, communicators can draft and send emails whether they’re in line at Starbucks or sitting at their desks.

2.    It’s affordable.

Email marketing is essentially free. Many platforms, such as mail chimp and constant contact, allow you thousands of subscribers free of cost. Even when you surpass the abilities of the free services, these platforms are still a low monthly cost and allow for plenty of customization. Email marketing also presents a greater ROI than other marketing channels such as direct mail and even social media.

3.    It allows for engaging communication.

The beauty of email marketing is that it allows for so many interactions. With emails, customers are able to sign-up for news or product information, buy from your recent sale, forward emails or bring questions to your customer service team. Change up your content and make sure you aren’t sending out information using the same generic template.

4.    You can gauge interest levels.

Thanks to analytics, your organization can assess the strength of your current email campaign with the click of a button. Determining these valuable statistics will in-turn provide you with insight into the mind of your audience, including how often they open your emails, click on links or forward them to a friend.

5.    You’ll gain loyal customers.

Sending emails with the proper mix of informative content and eye-catching visuals will keep your audience interested.  Customers want to feel involved in the conversation, and those who do will keep coming back for more. Make sure your subject lines are engaging and remind customers of sales or events. Remember, the goal is to get them to act.

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