Why social media is worth your time

facesWith the recent explosion of social media, it’s no longer enough to have a website with effective search engine optimization. Today, organizations should use their websites as focal points and build an engaging presence of two-way communication around them. Social media improves your search engine presence by increasing the number of links that direct audiences back to your website, but it also has many other great benefits:

1. It will save you money.

A major benefit of social media is its relatively low cost. If you choose to boost or promote your organization’s updates, you can reach thousands of people for much less than the average marketing strategy.

2. You’ll reach wider audiences.

Social media allows you to connect with people you may not be able to with other platforms. You can easily connect with audiences from all over the world from relatively anywhere and at any time.

3. It will improve your customer interaction.

Audiences can instantly receive updates about your organization by clicking on a link to your profile or promoted ad. This type of instant gratification is not possible with other one-way platforms such as TV and print. Social media lets you have a conversation with your customer, which is an important tool when building brand trust and loyalty.

4. You’ll increase brand awareness.

Without social media, the majority of traffic to your website will likely be from people who are already familiar with your brand or those who are using your particular keywords. Social media creates more opportunities for new audiences to hear about your brand and connect with it.

(Image source: http://linchikwok.blogspot.com/2013/02/effective-communication-on-social-media.html)






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