Why your Business Should Use Facebook Pixel

Why your Business Should Use Facebook Pixel

Facebook has recently created an advertisement enhancer: Pixel. Pixel is a JavaScript code that was designed to allow Facebook users the opportunity to post an advertisement for your business or website on Facebook and then track the account’s activity after the post as well as overall response to the post. And all you have to do to set it up is place your pixel code on the header of your website so that when someone engages in your website, Facebook Pixel will be triggered.

You may be wondering, “Why would my company benefit from using this program?” or “What’s so great about it?” Well, according to Advertisemint.com, there are four main benefits to using Facebook Pixel:

“1) It obtains basic analytics on website visitors, providing a secondary resource to Google analytics or other large analytics companies.

2) It allows you to re-market towards visitors who have visited specific pages of your site. For example, you can show couch-related ads only to those who have viewed couches on your website.

3) You can run custom audience insights on the visitors of your website. This allows you to access never-before-seen demographic information on users such as age, gender, location, interest and behaviors.

4) It allows you to run Dynamic Product Aids or re-marketing ads on Instagram.”

If this list of benefits isn’t enough to convince you to start using Facebook Pixel for your business, you should also know that this program has been proven to drive more sales, connect businesses to the exact target audience that will allow them to reach maximum success, and measure the results of each advertisement so that you know if your efforts are sufficient or if there is something you should do differently.

The final and, in our opinion the best benefit of using Pixel is that you have the experts at David Greenberg Communications at your fingertips who would love to set up your Pixel account for you, manage it for you, and even show you how to use it for yourself if you want!

Call us today, and we’ll help you sign up for your very own Pixel today. You can thank us later!






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