Working With Our Clients

The Bagel Bakery

It was a real and rare treat last week when we worked with two of our clients at the same time. Philip Marcel Photography did a photoshoot for us at The Bagel Bakery.

We recently redesigned The Bagel Bakery website, and we are doing the same for Philip Marcel Photography. And we handle the marketing for both.

Philip Turner was everywhere with Ken Rembert on a very busy Friday morning at The Bagel Bakery. He got shots of customers in what is arguably the friendliest restaurant in town. He got behind the counters as the staff worked to provide those delicious breakfasts. And he got behind the scenes – back in the kitchen. Two great things happen in the back at The Bagel Bakery – great bagels are baked and delicious coffee is roasted. And Philip caught it all.

Some of those pictures will be used to update The Bagel Bakery website. Others may get used in a project that we can’t reveal at this time. So stay tuned.







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